Verse of the Divine Throne and Heavenly Protection (Ayat al-Kursi)

Muhammadan Art

$ 24.99

ITEM #: 21001

MEDIUM: Acrylic ink, gold mica, on paper

ORIGINAL SIZE: 24" x 24"


In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

“There is no god but He, The Living, the Everlasting; slumber seizes Him not, neither sleep; to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. Who is there that can intercede with Him, except by His leave? He knows what lies before them and what is after them, and they comprehend not anything of His knowledge save as He wills. His throne comprises the heavens and the earth; the preserving of them fatigues Him not, and He is the All-High, All-Glorious.” (Surah Baqara, 2:255)

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