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Islamic Arts Magazine Interview

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Dec 2015: Turkish Winter Retreat - Conroe, TX 

Nov 14-15th 2015: Islamic Arts Festival - Houston

2014 Islamic Arts Festival - Houston 



Sana with a group of librarians from Houston's Barbara Bush Library. The librarians decided to obtain a calligraphy piece shaped in the form of the Dove, symbolizing peace and loving contemplation as it recites “Udhkuru Rabbakum” (Remember your Lord).

With an Albanian Fine Art Museum curator. The curator intends on creating a grand art exhibit featuring work from artists of all faith with the underlying themes of eternal beauty, love, and humanity.

A father searching for the perfect gift for his son who is formally learning Arabic. The father finally chose "Tree of Blessing”, a rendering of the famous Qur'anic symbol, alluding to the enduring strength and derived benefits of a good word, akin to a firmly rooted tree whose branches reach up to the highest Heavens.

At the Islamic Arts Festival in Houston, which welcomed people of all faiths in the hope to share the wonderfully rich and diverse Islamic arts.


Sana speaking at the Turkish Winter Retreat in Conroe, TX about her work, with emphasis on spirituality in Islamic Art and how all true art has love, patience, and devotion as its basis.


Sana’s work displayed at the Canton Museum of Art "Sacred Voices" exhibit, along with the work of other artists belonging to the Abrahamic faiths.

 The first of its kind! A 90-foot calligraphy composition, on cotton paper with acrylic paint, for Al-Noor Masjid in Houston. Sana accepted the challenge hoping to inspire meditations on the heritage of Islamic calligraphy, especially its grand tradition of adorning sacred spaces.