About the Artist

Sana Mirza


Residing in the United States, born in Pakistan, and raised in B.C., Canada, Sana is a mostly self-taught artist exploring and practicing Islamic Art for almost two decades. Her work has been displayed in some of the most prestigious galleries around the country and exhibits internationally as well, with publications in various media outlets such Azizah, Islamic Arts Magazine, Houston Chronicle, and NPR.  Her work can best be described as a mesh of traditional Arabic calligraphy and bold, yet detailed, illumination with a hint of contemporary trends. The formations are designed as unique compositions ingrained with profound Sufi spiritual insights that inspire and invoke the outer and inner aspects of Islamic art and knowledge, and all its richness. Frequently, Sana follows the traditional practice of transforming Arabic letters into symbolic shapes such as birds and flowers, and uses metaphoric expressions of the constellations, especially the moon, stars, and sun. She incorporates sacred geometry as well as Abjad, the Islamic science of numerology, while combining the verses of the Holy Quran and Hadith (Prophetic sayings) in ways that form a powerful dynamic. Sana hopes her art formations, best known as Muhammadan Art, spark love and honor in the hearts of the onlooker. Each piece becomes alive with its outer and inner visual manifestations. So much to say, she lives each piece as they flow through her with divine timing, tapping into collective consciousness and realms of other planes, while expressing the all-encompassing colors of the soul. Each piece is a dual expression of her life’s journey into meditative states and the unveilings created by the process of profound divine synchronicities, visions of the colors of a heavenly paradise, and with a hint of the metaphysical.


Artistic Vision

Ultimately, it's the positive energy sparks that we produce during the process of making a piece of art that makes it inspirational. The love light that it carries within it is eternal that has an invisible effect on people that transcends time and space. It becomes then something that manifests itself in the physical as something tangible but really is from the world of light. The practice of art has always been a source of enlightenment and meditation for me. It is when my soul gets to dance with the outer and inner rhythm of Arabic calligraphic letters and synergetic arabesque patterns aligning within the notes of sacred geometry, communing and in union with my heart. Each stoke in the magic of the moment reveals new inner levels of awareness, by the means of the hollow humble bamboo pen as it drinks the black ink and transmits out light unto the tea dyed paper, magnifying its beauty with rich golds and heavenly colors of paradise. I feel as though art is a visual picture of what’s inside of us, a mirror reflection of the soul’s longing to ascend into the higher planes of thought and wisdom and where we need to go on our path towards evolution. Each piece reveals itself like a process of awakening unfolding with divine timing and synchronicities. As my journey of seeking meaning behind the perfect forms of ancient divine words continues, and the subtle spiritual messages that hover above them, new horizons are reached. I paint and write with the hopes of them being engraved within my heart and those around me the light and pure energy reflected.