About the Artists

Sana Naveed Mirza

Residing in the Unites States, Sana is an artist exploring and practicing Islamic Art since her early teenage years, after being guided to it by world-renowned scholar and Sufi saint, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani. Her work can best be described as a mesh of traditional Arabic calligraphy and bold, yet detailed, illumination with a hint of contemporary trends; the formations are designed as unique compositions ingrained with profound Sufi spiritual insights. 

Sana’s work has been featured in The Islamic Arts Magazine, the online International Museum of Women, and Azizah Magazine, with the most recent exhibition at the ‘Sacred Voices’ exhibit at the Canton (Ohio) Museum of Art.

Frequently, Sana follows the traditional practice of transforming Arabic letters into natural shapes like those of birds, flowers, ships, and even whirling dervishes; she incorporates geometry as well as Abjad, the Islamic science of numerology. She also combines the verses of the Holy Quran and Hadith in such ways that form a powerful dynamic. In 2013, she completed an enormous, 90-foot calligraphy composition around the interior of the main dome of Houston’s Masjid Al-Noor. Titles of Sana’s work include: The Dove of Remembrance, The Green Bird, The Prophetic Fruit of Life, Sword of Alif in Gnosis Oceans, The Universe of Knowledge, and her most recent one The Shining Lotus Flower of Divine Names

Sana has also worked extensively with her graphic artist sister, Faryal Naveed, in designing numerous books and CD covers relating to Islamic knowledge, spirituality, and traditional Islamic music. Titles such as The Seeker of the Path, My Beloved by Ali Elsayed, Flowers of the Heart by Ustad Nizami, The Burdah Ensemble, and, most recently, the ISCA-published The Peacemakers represent some examples.

Her newest work is a meditation on the relationship between God Almighty the Creator and the Holy Prophet, who essentially connects us to all goodness and leads us to the Creator Himself. Sana hopes her art formations, best known as Muhammadan Art, contain some measure of the glorious lights emanating from the holy persona of Prophet Muhammad (s) and spark love and honor in the hearts of the onlooker.


Faryal Naveed Mirza

At an early age, Faryal Naveed Mirza (also known as “Faryal Naveed”) began working as an artist and a designer alongside her mother, a professional interior designer. Early on, Faryal and her mother designed fixtures for wedding events, religious ceremonies, and holiday festivals. Faryal took inspirations from her mother and grandmother’s Persian roots in defining her own artistic viewpoint and bringing it to life. Different from her sister Sana Naveed Mirza’s calling of art in calligraphy, Faryal saw her calling in painting, drawing and art designs. After her spiritual guidance from a world renowned scholar and Sufi saint Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, she focused her passion on aspects of visual development of art.

She also wanted to explore digital art and design and decided to enroll at the Art Institute of Vancouver. After graduating as a graphic designer, Faryal developed a portfolio of multiple diverse graphic works and websites, including MuhammadanArt.com. With these accomplishments, her work gained immediate artistic value and authenticity.

She has completed various painting, graphic design, web design, banner design, CDs / Album covers, wedding invitations, book cover projects for the ISCA organization, Zahra Ensemble Qasida recitation group, My Beloved by Nasheed musician Ali Elsayed, Flowers of the heart by Ustad Nizami and many others. Her other works include concept designs for themes on sites such as McCordSolutions.com and SirMedley.com.

Her latest work involves designing her own clothing line Fareed Apparel. With Fareed Apparel, Faryal is dedicated to visualizing for the audience a combination of natural traditions and modern day styles.

It is her hope and lifelong commitment that through her love of all arts she can convey, even for a little, the stream of Divine Mercy, Love and the Holy personality of the Prophet Muhammad (sa) encompassing all worlds.