Supplication of the Blind Man

Muhammadan Art

$ 42.99

ITEM #: 31001

MEDIUM: Acrylic, mica, on paper

ORIGINAL SIZE: 25" x 40"


It is believed that the Holy Prophet sall’Allahu alayhi wa sallam is alive in his grave, witnessing our actions and hearing our prayers and supplications. This piece symbolizes the supplication of a blind man who requested that his eyesight may be returned through intercession of the Prophet during Prophet’s time on Earth; the man’s vision was returned miraculously as the words of the supplication were taught to him by Prophet himself.

 The devout faithful have since then recited this supplication to receive countless benefits. The center reads: Madad Ya Rasul’Allah (Extend your help to us, O Messenger of Allah!).

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