The Five Heavenly Names (Panjtan Shareef)

Muhammadan Art

$ 49.99

ITEM #: 31005

MEDIUM: Acrylic ink, gold mica, on tea dyed paper

ORIGINAL SIZE: 24" x 24"


Famously known in Indo-Persian tradition as the Panjtan Shreef, this painting is comprised of five names beginning with that of Prophet Muhammad (s) and including his beloved daughter, Fatima (r), his cousin and son-in-law, Ali (r), and his grandsons, Hasan (r) and Husayn (r), may Allah ennoble their countenances!

The numerological significance of the Panjtan Shareef is such that the combined number of letters in these holy names is 19, the same number of letters in the phrase bismillah, the centerpiece of this painting.

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