Sword of Alif in Gnosis Oceans

Muhammadan Art

$ 24.99

ITEM #: 21005

MEDIUM: Acrylic, mica, soot ink, on tea dyed paper



The first letter of the Arabic alphabet, Alif, embellished here with arabesques, carries special significance in symbolizing the Oneness of God, naturally expressed by its uprightness and resemblance with the number one (1). Every letter of the Holy Quran contains infinite secrets. The letter Alif is believed to contain within it all oceans of knowledge, represented in this painting by the blue background. Alif is also a symbol of the heavenly sword of light—piercing through the heart of the believer, to dispel all sin and distraction with every recitation of la ilaha il’Allah (there is no God but the one true God).

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